Find the Way / Half Step

by Adam Darowski

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Two more existential crisis songs from the mountains in New Hampshire.


released September 15, 2017

Written and recorded by Adam Darowski in Peterborough, NH.

Adam Darowski: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Kyle from GarageBand: Drums


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Adam Darowski

Adam Darowski is a husband, father of three, and web product designer living in New Hampshire. In January of 2015, he released the three-song EP “Existential Crisis Songs” after a ten-year hiatus from recording music. In November of 2015, he released the full-length album “YAY!” ... more

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Track Name: Find the Way
There was a time we had our shit together
Now I feel it slowly fall apart
I get the feeling that it's now or never
I can't figure out where we should start
We try to do the things that we're supposed to do
But we can’t keep the pace that we promised to
And I try to make it better but it never works
And then I end of feeling like a fucking jerk
And I scream
And try to get us out of here

We try to lose ourselves
But we always find the way
We try to run and hide
But we’re never far away
There something very wrong with us
If we can’t be rebellious
We try to lose ourselves
But we’re always here

I wish that we could run away together
But we'd never make it very far
We're always held back by a fucking tether
I can't remember who we even are
It's never going to happen if we never try
But every time we do it seems to multiply
We need to find a place that we can run and hide
To find the shell of us that's buried deep inside ourselves
Let it bring us back to life
Track Name: Half Step
I've never been a poet
It's disappointing and I know it
At least I have distortion
To communicate emotion

My doctor asked me if I’m depressed
No I’m not I’m just a fucking mess
A couple pills can’t make this go away

I don’t want you to get better
I just want you to get well
If we can’t get through this together
Then I don’t want to get through this at all
Every single time I try to tell you
This isn’t going to change the way I feel
About you and me

I was always optimistic
Now I'm becoming realistic
I've altered expectations
Due to endless complications

Every time I hit the ground
I tune my world a half step down
I need to hit the breaks before I hit the wall

I don't want you to feel normal
I just want you to be true
And never let the beauty that's inside you
Feel like it's afraid to break on through
Every single time I try to tell you
This isn’t going to change the way I feel
About you and me and what we're supposed to be

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